July 27, 2020 Comments (0)

Supporting Kettering General respond to Covid-19

Roses Medical had spent the last weekend of March designing the medical gases installation for the NHS Nightingale hospital in Harrogate. On the following Monday, the team was back on site at Kettering General Hospital 140 miles away to support efforts there to be ready for a potential influx of Covid-19 patients.

“Mothballed” former Intensive Treatment Unit and Critical Care Units had been identified as candidates to bring back into service so that the hospital had additional intensive care capacity, should it be needed.

The Roses Medical team added a 4 bed bay to the existing units and re-tested, re-validated and got the Pharmacist Purity Tests completed to bring these units back into service. Within 2 days’ time, they were once again available and ready in the fight against Covid-19.