Sheffield Hallamshire

Q and A Floor Theatres Suites

The Medical gases used on this project were: Oxygen, Medical Air, Surgical Air, Vacuum & AGSS.

To ensure no loss of gases during operations, these were fed from 2 existing risers so that the theatres had supply from both, in case one riser was being worked on. Therefore both the theatre suites and recovery bay had a reliable supply.

A new Surgical Air supply for this project had to be installed from an existing plant room on Level A and fed up and down a riser to Level Q, to form a ring from the plant room. We also installed lockable line valves to enable isolation, future-proofing the hospital for future expansion.

The project involved:

  • Four theatres
  • One 8-bay recovery
  • AVSU modules with integral alarms and individuals at nurse bases
  • I.S.T Line Valves
  • AGSS simplex pumps installed on various levels.

Theatres were split into two halves by using N.I.S.T line valves to enable isolation of an area if required. We always installed line valves before each AVSU module. All alarms from each AVSU link to each Surgeons panel.

K Floor ITU

Working for a large M&E contractor, we provided services to support the layout design and development of the scheme, in order to make it ready for construction and fully HTM 02-01 compliant.

The medical services for this project were taken from 2 existing independent riser supplies for Oxygen, Medical Air 4 and Vacuum. This gave the client, not only dual circuits to both double arm and single arm pendants fitted in each room but also dual supplies in the form of a pipework ring serving this critical care area. This gave them the ability to work on one circuit whilst the other is still live, with 3 important outcomes: no loss of life support services, the best care for the patients, and the least disruption for staff.

Area Valve and Service Modules complete with alarm panels were installed for the isolation of respective single and multi-bed areas to this 28 beds facility, fitted with double and single arm pendants in the bed bays. All alarms link to a main Alarm panel situated at the nurse station.

Lockable line valves have been installed in the pipe work at specific positions allowing both local isolation of equipment along with offering the flexibility to maintain supply of medical gas services of the main supply distribution to the department from either supply riser.