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Here’s our top tips for Manifolds

What should you consider when designing your manifold upgrades? Here’s our top 5 quick

1. Size of manifold required for task

  • Consider flow demand
  • Is a high flow unit required?
  • Does the manifold require integral heaters fitting?
  • Will an emergency standby manifold be required?


2. Location of manifold

  • Location of manifold: is it internal or external?
  • Are the manifold header racks standard, straight, or configured to fit around corners?
  • Cylinder delivery logistics
  • Access for bottle trolley, cylinder transportation
  • Spare and empty cylinder storage


3. Relief valve pipework termination location

  • Avoid areas with public or staff access
  • Avoid areas with opening windows


4. Alarm requirements

  • What manufacture the alarm system being interfaced with, may need an additional transmitter unit


5. Electrical requirements

  • Power supplies required for manifold operation, possibly additional supplies for heaters or alarm equipment


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